Bringing hope and healing to underprivileged communities

Sai Ananda Hemodialysis Centre

The Sai Ananda Free Hemodialysis Centre operates daily, except on Sundays and public holidays. Currently, the centre serves 36 patients, providing them with free dialysis treatment three times a week. These patients suffer from end-stage renal failure and lack financial support from their families, government, or non-governmental organizations. Admission to the centre involves a thorough background check and an interview conducted by the management and medical committee. The Sai Ananda Hemodialysis Centre is registered under the Registrar of Societies and is licensed by the Malaysian Ministry of Health. The centre is managed by a team of 4 full-time nurses, 2 dialysis assistants, a PIC doctor, a head nephrologist, and the management committee. Free hemodialysis treatment offered by the Sai Ananda Medicare Wing has brought immense hope and potential for the underserved to care for themselves and their families despite their critical medical condition.

Sai AnandaDental Clinic

The Sai Ananda Dental Clinic operates on weekends from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm and on an appointment basis. Currently, the clinic has a total of 540 registered patients and counting, with nearly 270 active patients who return for follow-ups. It is staffed by 1 dental practitioner and 1 dental assistant, with 2 dental chair units. The clinic provides dental treatment and preventive measures, including dental health education and dietary advice to children and parents. This ensures that the underprivileged community, including refugees, maintain optimal dental health and hygiene.

Sai Ananda GeneralClinic and Pharmacy

The Sai Ananda General Clinic and Pharmacy operates on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm and as needed. Managed by the compassionate volunteer doctors of Sai Ananda Foundation Malaysia, the clinic handles around 30 patients monthly, providing general medical consultation and treatment, including lifestyle diseases. The well-equipped in-house Pharmacy accompanies the clinic, ensuring patients receive the necessary medications. With dedicated doctors offering their services voluntarily, patients can receive proper diagnosis and referral to hospitals if required. This initiative allows the underserved community to access regular health check-ups and treatment without financial worries.

Medicare Outreach

In addition to offering completely free medical services at our center, the Sai Ananda Medicare Wing extends its reach to the underprivileged community through medical outreach initiatives. Our dedicated medical team conducts regular home visits for those who are unable to travel due to physical limitations or distance. These visits include procedures such as wound dressing, changing ryle’s tube, and urinary catheter procedures. Moreover, we organize medical camps in rural areas where access to proper healthcare is limited. During these camps, our team of doctors provides essential medical services and educates the community on preventive healthcare measures. We have conducted successful camps in Karak, Kuala Lipis, Sungai Buloh, Carrie Islands, and Nilai, ensuring quality and compassionate healthcare reaches those who need it the most.

Medical Aid

In our commitment to providing holistic medical services, Sai Ananda Medicare goes above and beyond by offering both in-kind and financial assistance to those in need. We sponsor spectacles for individuals with vision problems and provide wheelchairs and walking frames for the elderly and disabled. Additionally, we cover transport costs for dialysis treatments and hospital visits for those who cannot afford them. For our dialysis patients, we extend support to cover essential procedural costs, such as blood tests and catheter procedures. In cases of extreme financial hardship, we also go the extra mile by covering surgical procedure costs (for example circumcision procedures that involved a urinary tract infection and also for CT scans), ensuring that every individual has a fighting chance to live a healthy and fulfilling life, supporting their loved ones along the way.